Moja-Kid Joggers

Product DNA

Our MojaKid-branded range features our very own message of positivity. We’ve combined two words that mean the most to us to help you wear your beliefs with pride. 

Moja – pronounced mow-jah – is a double whammy for us. Meaning both ‘one’ in the Kenyan language of Swahili, and ‘ocean waves’ in the Indian language of Gujarati.  Moja combines our dream for living together with unity and creating a free-flowing global community that’s a blend of rich cultures. 

Kid – pronounced ki-d – is the free-spirited, open minded, imaginative, and curious kid that’s inside all of us. We believe that it’s never too late to let that side of us run free. 

And so, our name represents our concept of culture, unity, and freedom; a connected world without limits; a lifetime of travel, exploration, and meaningful connections.

Why MojaKid?

We’re known for designing casual wear  with messages of positivity and inclusivity in a selection of languages from all around the world. But with our MojaKid-branded garments, we want to show that the concept of unity and togetherness isn’t bound to language; we don’t need to have a dedicated word for it to practice it and share it. 

While other languages have certainly inspired our name, MojaKid isn’t a word you’ll find in any dictionary. Yet it still symbolises everything we want for ourselves, and for our young people – culture, unity, and freedom – in a word we can’t read, but still understand. 

Why We Love Our MojaKid Collection

From tshirts and sweatshirts to hoodies and joggers, each MojaKid garment boldly features the three aspects that matter most to us – culture, unity, and freedom – along with our meaningful brand message. All MojaKid clothing is 100% ethical, sustainable, and gender-neutral, with sizes to fit ‘MojaKids’ from the young to the young at heart.

Wearing MojaKid-branded casual wear offers kids – and their adults – the chance to break down barriers and celebrate the power, vibrancy, and beauty of multiculturalism.

Our MojaKid-branded joggers are made from 85% organic ring-spun combed cotton, and 15% recycled polyester, saving PET bottles from landfill and from our oceans. The polyester is sandwiched in between layers of cotton to make it friendly to the skin. 

As with all MojaKid garments, our branded garments are made using solvent-free, water-based, non-toxic inks.  Our joggers are embroidered using 100% cotton thread giving you complete peace of mind that you’re sending messages of unity and freedom in an ethical, sustainable, responsible way.

Wear and Care

We recommend that you wash your MojaKid garment with similar colours,  inside out and at 30 degrees to maintain it’s vibrancy and quality for as long as possible whilst also being friendlier to our planet.

We recommend that you iron your Mojakid garment inside out too to keep your design nice and fresh! 

Finally we recommend that you wear your MojaKid garment to experience  as much fun as is possible and as far as you can go! 


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