MojaKid: Supporting Tomorrow’s Superstars

Feeding Brilliant Minds

Through our clothing line, we want to create a community of curious young people that feel confident to be themselves, who go after their dreams. But we know that clothes alone aren’t enough. Brilliant minds need brilliant nutrition. And we’re proud to be doing what we can to help fuel the superstars and global change makers of tomorrow.

How We’re Helping

At MojaKid, we’ve committed to donating 25% of profits made from our sales to support organisations in the UK and across the world that are fighting hard to tackle childhood food insecurity. With each garment that you buy from MojaKid, you’re helping us to donate to grassroots organisations and projects including food banks and school breakfast clubs that have all been set up to support nourishing tomorrow’s superstars. 

We’re also inviting you to join us in another important initiative. If you have any preloved MojaKid garments in good condition that your children have outgrown, don’t throw them away. Through us, you can donate these items to orphanages and other vital organisations that provide essential support to younger generations around the world.

Supporting Tomorrow’s Superstars

At MojaKid, we know kids. We know that every single young person out there has the potential to do great things. But sadly, some children never get the opportunity to show us just what they can do. That’s why we’re stepping up to support tomorrow’s superstars. We want to help every child explore their natural curiosity about the world in a positive way.

Global Food Insecurity

Did you know research shows that 41% of children across the globe are living with food insecurity? This means that almost half of the world’s children are experiencing some level of worry relating to hunger. 

And this issue isn’t just limited to developing nations. It’s estimated that 10% of UK children are experiencing hunger. In fact, the UK has more children living in a severely food insecure household than anywhere in the EU. It’s a reality that many of us are lucky not to have experienced ourselves. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help.