Japanese ‘AI’ Sweatshirt

Product DNA

Ai, pronounced like eyein English, is the Japanese word for love. 

Ai is a broad feeling of real love; love in its purest form. Ai love is always giving.

And we think that this is the perfect message to send out into a world that could really use a bit more love, bringing us all together through warmth and appreciation. 

Why Japan?

Weve chosen to spread a message of positivity through the Japanese language because Japan is a country that outright refuses to be pigeon holed. Japan is a place where high speed bullet trains race through towns filled with traditional minka houses, and where futuristic robot waiters serve up traditional donburi rice bowls. We admire Japan for successfully blending traditional culture with futuristic modernism.

And thats really whats at the heart of MojaKid. We want our Ai sweatshirt to empower and inspire todays youth to think outside the box and push past limitations; that we can be anything we want to be whilst celebrating our love and respect for our multicultural world. 

Why We Love Our Ai Collection

Our Ai collection features a unique design thats inspired by the multi-faceted, rich culture of Japan, which blends thousands of years of tradition with futuristic technology. 

Weve used colours of love and calmness to create this high quality, tailored, medium fit terry sweatshirt thats super soft and kind to the skin. Weve included Raglan-style sleeves that give you more space to move around whilst keeping you styling… so whether you want to stretch up high, wave your arms around, clap, dance, or anything else, youre completely free.

The MojaKid Ai Sweatshirt is made from 85% organic ring-spun combed cotton, and 15% recycled polyester, saving PET bottles from landfill and from our oceans. The polyester is sandwiched neatly in between layers of cotton to make it super friendly to the skin and therefore also maintaining the durability and vibrancy of the sweatshirt.

As with all MojaKid garments, our Ai garments are made using solvent-free, water-based, non-toxic inks, giving you complete peace of mind that you’re sending messages of love and harmony in an ethical, sustainable, responsible way. 

Wear and Care

We recommend that you wash your MojaKid garment with similar colours,  inside out and at 30 degrees to maintain it’s vibrancy and quality for as long as possible whilst also being friendlier to our planet.

We recommend that you iron your Mojakid garment inside out too to keep your design nice and fresh! 

Finally we recommend that you wear your MojaKid garment to experience  as much fun as is possible and as far as you can go! 


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