Navajo ‘Hōzhō’ Sweatshirt

Product DNA

Hōzhō – pronounced ho-shown – is a Native American concept of harmony, specifically from the Diné or Navajo culture.

The word itself is difficult to describe. Hōzhō has no singular meaning. Instead, it brings together ideas of joy, happiness, love, beauty, confidence and peace.  A general feel good and interconnectedness to create harmony and balance. 

Hōzhō is the heart of the Diné culture, and plays a huge role in the Navajo lifestyle today. If someone is ‘in Hōzhō ‘, they are living in harmony with the world around them. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what we’re all ultimately striving to achieve?

Why Navajo?

The Diné believe that there are Holy People, and Earth People. The Earth People have the power to directly impact the planet, but the Holy People are responsible for teaching them how to behave. It’s said that The Holy People had a choice – to teach the Earth People to live in a way that protects the planet, or harms it. They chose to instil values of Hōzhō, guiding the Diné to live as one with the natural environment.

At MojaKid, this speaks to us. It shows that, as people our youth look up to, we can choose to live in harmony with our world, our planet and teach the kids in our lives to do the same.  We can also be taught by them to have a more connected way of living to our natural world.

Teaching our little ones to live in Hōzhō is teaching them to accept what cannot be changed, and find a way to live harmoniously with difference. We can’t all be the same. But we can all find ways to embrace our differences and live together as one. And this is what the MojaKid brand is all about: inclusivity, freedom, and friendliness.

Why We Love Our Hōzhō Collection

Our Hōzhō collection is rooted in this idea of harmony and connectivity. No matter what colour garment you choose, each product features the same turquoise blue pattern, chosen for the importance that turquoise plays in the Navajo culture. 

Not only is this blue one of the four colours that represent the sacred mountains,  it also symbolises confidence and wisdom. And it’s confidence and wisdom that we need to boldly step out of our comfort zone and share Hōzhō with the world. 

The MojaKid Hōzhō sweatshirt is made from 85% organic ring-spun combed cotton, and 15% recycled polyester, saving PET bottles from landfill and from our oceans. The polyester is sandwiched in between layers of cotton to make it friendly to the skin. 

As with all MojaKid garments, our Hōzhō garments are made using solvent-free, water-based, non-toxic inks, giving you complete peace of mind that you’re sending messages of harmony and equilibrium in an ethical, sustainable, responsible way. 

Wear and Care

We recommend that you wash your MojaKid garment with similar colours,  inside out and at 30 degrees to maintain it’s vibrancy and quality for as long as possible whilst also being friendlier to our planet.

We recommend that you iron your Mojakid garment inside out too to keep your design nice and fresh! 

Finally we recommend that you wear your MojaKid garment to experience  as much fun as is possible and as far as you can go! 


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