Indian ‘Shanti’ Sweatshirt

Product DNA

Shanti – pronounced Shaan-thee – is a beautiful Sanskrit word referring to inner peace. 

This single word combines the feeling of calm, serenity, tranquility, and bliss to create something that’s not just a word, but a concept of feeling at peace with the world. 

Across Indian cultures, Shanti is chanted three times. And this is done for three different reasons, depending on what Shanti means to each individual person:

Peace for – 
1. For body, mind, and spirit
2. For past, present, and future
3. For yourself, for others, and for the world

The third reason is what sings out to us at MojaKid. The idea that while we may be searching for inner peace for ourselves, we can also share it with others at the same time. 

Why Sanskrit?

Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language with roots in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It means ‘refined’, and that’s something that’s important to us here at MojaKid. We see refined as removing those parts of ourselves that take away our light, such as hate or judgement or discrimination, and making ourselves more connected and authentic. 

We chose to share this message of inclusivity through an Indian language because of the country’s fascinating diversity. India isn’t a place that’s dominated by a single culture, a single religion, a single language, or a single food. Each region has its own unique identity. And all identities come together to build a country known for its rich traditions, vibrant energy, traditional arts, and unlimited levels of inspiring creativity.

India is a perfect example of how differences can be embraced to create something incredible. And that’s the foundation of the MojaKid belief: the idea that, despite our differences, we’re always better when we’re together.

Why We Love Our Shanti Collection

Our cool Shanti collection promotes this idea of inner peace and togetherness, with beautiful patterns inspired by the concept of Shanti, and by the mesmerising, intricate Devanagari writing system that Sanskrit is usually written in. 

The MojaKid Shanti sweatshirt is made from 85% organic ring-spun combed cotton, and 15% recycled polyester, saving PET bottles from landfill and from our oceans. The polyester is sandwiched in between layers of cotton to make it friendly to the skin. 

As with all MojaKid garments, our Shanti garments are made using solvent-free, water-based, non-toxic inks, giving you complete peace of mind that you’re sending messages of peace,  harmony and togetherness in an ethical, sustainable, responsible way. 

Wear and Care

We recommend that you wash your MojaKid garment with similar colours,  inside out and at 30 degrees to maintain it’s vibrancy and quality for as long as possible whilst also being friendlier to our planet.

We recommend that you iron your Mojakid garment inside out too to keep your design nice and fresh! 

Finally we recommend that you wear your MojaKid garment to experience  as much fun as is possible and as far as you can go! 


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